Mgr. Petra Solarská

Petra is a graduate of the Master's program in Physiotherapy at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague, which she completed in 2014. During her practice, she had the opportunity to gain experience in both hospital and outpatient settings, focusing primarily on orthopedic and neurological issues. In her work, she primarily utilizes concepts of developmental kinesiology (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Brunkow method), soft and mobilization techniques, fascial manipulation, elements of yoga, and functional physiotherapy training.

+420 733 526 481

Professional courses

Stecco® Fascial Manipulation - Part 1

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to prof. Kolář - Part A, B

Application of the Roswitha Brunkow Method

Diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with vestibular problems

Introduction to Visceral Manipulation Method

Centered posture in the context of developmental kinesiology

Mobilization in the context of muscle chains

Holistic approach in pelvic floor therapy

Spiral Spine Stabilization - Part 1A, 1B

Sensomotoric stimulation

Synergistic reflex therapy


Rehabilitation of spastic paresis - Part A, B

Pediatric Physiotherapy (six-month internship at Avans Hogeschool, Breda - Netherlands)

Basic and Advanced TheraSuit Method®

Motor Assessment Battery for Children MABC-2

Introduction to Neuro-developmental Movement Stimulation Learning through Movement®

Snoezelen in theory and practice

Play as therapy

Neurorehabilitation in children with Cerebral Palsy

Neurorehabilitation BABY (children 0-2 years)

Bobath concept in children with Cerebral Palsy

A child's foot from a physiotherapist's perspective

A child's foot in Cerebral Palsy

Functional training for children and adolescents

Rebox-Physio Classic

Non-invasive laser therapy

Fitness Instructor

Massage therapist for sports and rehabilitation massages


2019 – present: Masaryk University (Brno), PhD program in Sport Sciences

2011 – 2014: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (Prague), Master's Degree in Physiotherapy

2008 – 2011: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University (Prague), Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy

Work experience

2019 – present: Private physiotherapy clinic Fyzioness

2018 – 2019: Faculty of Medicine, University of Ostrava - teaching assistant

2016 – 2018: Sanatoria Klimkovice, pediatric department

2014 – 2016: Neurorehabilitation clinic Axon (Prague)

2013 – 2014: Centrum Prof. Čecha (Prague)

2012 – 2013: Říčany Hospital, rehabilitation department

2011 – 2013: Academy of Science (Prague) – physiotherapist, massage therapist

2011: Olive Children's hospital (Říčany)